Wedding MC Jokes - The Secret To The Wedding MCs Success

Published: 19th March 2009
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Wedding MC Jokes should be in every Wedding MC's "bag of tricks" at the wedding reception.

That's because the Wedding MC is not only a speaker but also an entertainer.

The Wedding Master of Ceremonies not only ensures the wedding reception runs smoothly, but also that the wedding guests are entertained throughout the reception events.

That's why Wedding MC Jokes are a critical component of every Wedding Master of Ceremonies checklist.

Wedding MC Jokes can be used throughout the wedding agenda but here are two areas where they can be used very effectively:

1. When Introducing The Wedding Speakers

At most wedding receptions those giving wedding speeches will include the Best Man, the Maid or Matron of Honor, and the Groom.

But be prepared with wedding jokes for other wedding speakers - especially the bride and groom's parents.

You can deliver a Wedding MC Joke as you introduce the wedding speaker or you might decide to deliver your wedding joke after the wedding speech.

Here's one way to make your introduction of a wedding speaker even more powerful - especially if you don't know the wedding speaker personally:

Several weeks before the wedding reception compile background information about the person you're introducing. Preferably you'll discover information that is humorous - but won't embarrass or humiliate the speaker - so you can include this information in your wedding joke or introduction.

As a sign of your professionalism it may be tactful to run the joke by the person well before the wedding reception to make sure it's appropriate and they won't find it embarrassing. Imagine introducing the Mother of the Bride and commenting on how long she's been married only to discover after the reception that she's been divorced for several years.

2. When Making Announcements During The Wedding Reception

As Wedding MC you'll make announcements throughout the wedding reception. The wedding reception announcements usually include when the main meal is served, when the wedding speeches and toasts are beginning, when the wedding cake will be cut, when the bouquet and garter toss will begin, when the First Dance will start, when the bar will close, and when the bride and groom will be leaving.

You'll also make announcements about the venue facilities including where the restrooms are located and where the designated smoking area is.

All of these are opportunities for you to introduce Wedding MC Jokes or humorous one liners or comments to amuse the wedding guests.

You can also introduce Wedding MC Jokes and one liners when filling in gaps in the wedding reception activities to create and maintain an upbeat mood at the wedding reception.

As with any wedding joke, ensure your MC Jokes are appropriate for the audience and that they don't embarrass or humiliate the bride and groom or the wedding guests.

Wedding MC Jokes are an essential part of every Wedding MC's "tool kit." Have fun using Wedding MC Jokes to contribute to the celebratory mood of the wedding reception and choose Wedding MC Jokes and one liners that are clean and tasteful.

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